Has The War of Yemen anything to do with Islam?

Recently Saudi Arabia along with some other Arab countries launched air attack against Houthi Rebels in poorest Arab country Yemen which has a long border of 1400 KM with Saudi Arabia. Houthi Rebels are backed and funded by the Iran and Saudi Arabia sees this thing as a threat to its existence.

So is this a war of Islam? or its a war of political Interests? I think its a war of political Interests between Saudi Arabia and Iran. both Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting proxy wars in several countries like Syria, Iraq and now In Yemen. this proxy war between both the countries has turned Middle east into hell. both wants to Increase Influence over other countries.

In Syria Iran is backing the butcher Bashar Al Assad while Saudi Arabia is supporting his opponents. In Iraq Iran is not only supporting Shia groups but Irani soldiers are themselves taking part in the fight. In Lebanon Iran backed Hezbollah against a publicly elected government.

now Yemen is the new front where Iran and Saudis are taking on each other. this situation is really helping the Israel and the United States to exploit the things.
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