Dr Zakir Naik Hated By Muslims Loved by Non Muslims

If we talk about the greatest Muslim scholars of current era the name of Dr Zakir Naik head of Islamic research foundation will surely come in the list of top ones. Dr Naik has greatly served Islam over last two decades through his Lectures, Books and Peace TV Channels. thousands of Non Muslims around the world converted to Islam after listening this lectures and reading his books.

Hindu Extremists groups in India see him as a threat due to his amazing knowledge of Hindu scriptures which is attracting thousands of Hindus and bringing them towards Islam. He gives references from holy scriptures of Hinduism and Christianity to prove oneness of God and Prophethood of Rasool Allah SAW. But a sad fact is that Dr Naik who is getting so much popularity among non Muslims is hated and abused by many Muslims.

I was extremely disappointed to see some comments against him on a Facebook posts where some called him Gustakh Rasool SAW while others criticized him for wearing Pant Shirt.

Zakir Naik is a human being and he might have made some mistakes but It doesn't mean that you should start calling him a Kafir or Insult him. a man who is bringing thousands of Hindus and Christians on path of Islam deserves our respect and appreciation.

May Allah SWT protect him and given him more success in his journey of Dawah. we should also support him in this cause by every possible way like donating for his Peace TV channel and United Islamic Aid.
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