Pray For Our Brothers and Sisters In Egypt

Egypt is going through tough time right now due to civil war and hundreds of Men, Women and Kids are martyred in last one week in attacks of Egyptian army and clashes between security forces and protesters. After Syria now Egypt is also facing tough time.

It all started when Egypt's army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi imposed Martial Law in the country and Muslim Brotherhood's leader and elected President of Egypt Muhammad Mursi was arrested. Clashes and Killings in different cities specially Cairo are taking place daily from that day.

Egyptian Army which was ruling Egypt from several decades was not in power from last one year as Muhammad Mursi was elected as President through elections. when Muhammad Mursi stated to lose popularity Egyptian army thought its a good chance to come in power again and they enforced another Martial Law in the country.

Muslim Brotherhood refused to accept this step of army and they started protests on daily basis. Egyptian army decided to crush this uprising by power and they martyred hundreds of innocent people. Egyptian Army which takes billions of dollars in aid from US is doing genocide of its own people.

Our Brothers and sisters are facing tough time right now In Egypt so let us all pray for the Peace and Progress of Egypt.

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