Eid Qurbani 2013

As we know there are Two festivals of Eid In Islam. One Is Eid Ul Fitr that is celebrated after Ramadan and other is Eid Ul Adha that is celebrated after Hajj. It is also known as Big Eid. On Eid Ul Adha Muslims do Qurbani (Sacrifice) of Animals like Bakra (Goat), Camel and Cow while most of meat is distributed among the poor people who gets chance of eating lot of meat at least once in a year. Preparations For Eid Qurbani 2013 are also underway by Muslims around the World because we are not far away now from the Eid.

Eid Qurbani cow

It will be celebrated In the Middle of October which means only one and a half month is now left. In Pakistan people usually do Qubani of Bakra Goat and Cows as these animals have huge production in the country. Arabs prefers to do Camels Sacrifice.

Before arrival of Eid big markets of Animals are setup that are known as Bakra Mandi, Cow Mandi or Janwar Mandi. People go to these markets to select Animals and buy them. last year 2012 prices were really high due to which many people didn't done Qurbani while other kept part in Cow because that is cheaper as compare to Goat.

In other Muslims countries as well Like Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia people do Qurbani after offering Eid Ul Adha prayer. In Saudi Arabia special preparations are done for this purpose so that Millions of Muslims after performing Hajj can do their Sacrifices.

Eid Qurbani bakra

If you don't have time to go to Animal market or there is no Animal market near to your house then you can also order Qurbani Online. there are several sites for this purpose like eidqurbani.com.pk and myqurbani.com. On these sites you can find all the details, pics and prices of animals. you can choose according to your choice.

Remember the poor people In Eid Qurbani 2013 and try to feed them instead of storing all the meat in your refrigerators because that is the real essence of Qurabani. 
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