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Zakat is one of the five basic Islamic pillars which is obligatory for every Muslim who is having 7.5 Tola Gold or money equal to it. Zakat is a charity which Muslims gives every year to deserving people. If Zakat will be paid properly by all the people then it will greatly help to reduce the poverty and make equal distribution of the wealth.

the ratio of Zakat is 2.5%. for example if you are having 1 million rupees then you will pay 25000 Rs Zakat on it after a year. while giving Zakat one should prefer his relatives first and if there are no poor relatives then it can be given to other poor people.

Giving Zakat is a great virtue and makes your wealth pure. Zakat does not reduce your wealth in fact it increases it.

Some people finds it hard to calculate the amount of Zakat. so for such people here i am sharing a Zakat Calculator with help of which you can easily calculate the amount of Zakat payable.

zakat calculator

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