Top 10 Mosques of Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim populated country that is half located in Asia and half In Europe. Turkey is a beautiful country with rich culture and it also got great Islamic history. there are many Beautiful and historic Mosques Located in Turkey.

here i am presenting 10 amazing Mosques of Turkey:

Blue Mosque Or Sultan Ahmed Mosque located In Istanbul.

Sabanci Mosque in Adana.

Kocatepe Mosque In Ankara.

Emir Sultan Mosque In Bursa.

Selimiye Mosque In Edirne.

Laleli Mosque In Istanbul.

Ortakoy Mosque In Istanbul

Bayezid II Mosque In Istanbul.

Tarsus Grand Mosque In Mersin

Muğdat Mosque In Mersin

Turkey also got many other awesome Mosques that are beautiful and historic.
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