Islam Teaches To Treat Minorities In Good Manner

Minorities have many rights in Islam and Quran and Sunnah have not allowed Muslims to treat them badly.Allah swt has commanded Muslims to treat peaceful minorities in a kind manner as mentioned in the following verse of Quran:

Allâh does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion and did not drive you out of your homes. Verily, Allâh loves those who deal with equity. (Al-Mumtahinah 60:8)

We are not even allowed to preach them harshly and cannot force them to change their religion as mentioned in the following verse:

And argue not with the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), unless it be in (a way) that is better (with good words and in good manner, inviting them to Islâmic Monotheism with His Verses), except with such of them as do wrong, and say (to them): "We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you; our Ilâh (God) and your Ilâh (God) is One (i.e. Allâh), and to Him we have submitted (as Muslims)." (Al-'Ankabut 29:46)

Similarly there are many hadiths which tell us to treat minorities in the best possible ways. One hadith addressing the issue is as follow:

Narrated A number of Companions of the Prophet:

Safwan reported from a number of Companions of the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) on the authority of their fathers who were relatives of each other. The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Beware, if anyone wrongs a contracting man, or diminishes his right, or forces him to work beyond his capacity, or takes from him anything without his consent, I shall plead for him on the Day of Judgment. (Sunan Abu Dawud : Book 19 , Hadith 3046 )

In the light of above mentioned verses and hadith it is the duty of Muslims to treat minorities in the best possible way. Those people who are involved in accidents of Lahore have indeed done a wrong and inhumane act which cannot be justified by any means and culprits behind this accident must be dealt accordingly.

Another dark side of this accident is that some radical secular elements in our society use these accidents to criticize blasphemy laws. They must know that the violence in our society is due to the lawlessness in our society. If there is strong enforcement of laws conspirators and trouble makers cannot exploit the situation. People always take laws in their hands when they have doubts about the implementation of laws or law enforcement agencies.
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