In Which Condition One Should Go To Mosque

Mosque or Masjid is Holy Islamic place where we Muslims go to offer Salah. We go to Mosque to do meeting with our creator 5 times a day. Mosque is also called House of Allah. What place can be more holy than Mosque where Zikr of Allah is done every moment of the day.

As Mosque is so important place there are some things we should follow while going to Mosque which i am going to mention below.

Try to go to mosque with good breath. do Miswak or toothbrush. also avoid eating Onions or Garlic before coming to mosque. there is also a hadith regarding this. "Whoever eats onions, garlic or leeks, let him not come near our masjid, for the angels are offended by what is offensive to the sons of Adam.

Try to go to Mosque with clean body and clean dress. if your body needs bath then take it and then go to Mosque.

its also Sunnah to use Fragrance so try to go to Mosque after using Fragrance on your dress.

when you enter mosque then close or silent your Mobile Phone. these days lot of people goes to Mosque by keeping ringtone of their Phone on and during Salah Phone starts to ring when someone calls which creates disturbance in Salah of all people.

In Mosque try to keep the dress above the Ankles if you are a male.

Read Dua of entering Mosque when you enter door of Mosque.

Say Asslam Alikum to other people in Mosque.

these are few things that we should keep in mind when we go to Mosque to offer Salah.
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