Ramadan Messages To Greet Other Muslims

Alhamdulillah Ramadan 2012 has begun throughout the Muslim World and Muslims has started to fast from yesterday. With arrival of Ramadan Muslims welcomed it in different ways. Here we are going to share some Random messages of Muslims on Social Sites about how they welcomed Ramadan Ul Mubarak? so here we go. you can also use these beautiful Ramadan Messages for sending to your dear ones.

If we seek inner peace, work for inner justice. This means seeking & giving forgiveness, correcting wrongs. #Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak to all celebrating... God bless, Love always.

Fasting helps to self control and patience. It includes a mind exercise to curb the urge of satiate bodily desires. #Ramadan

May Allah(SWT) accept our intentions, deeds and fasting during this blessed time. #Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem to everyone! May this Holy month bring peace to our world and keep all children safe!

#Ramadan gives us an incredible opportunity to realise the weaknesses and flaws in our character and to deal with them.

"Always remember that the most beautiful curve on your body is your smile :)" Happy Ramadan

It's sad how some people act as if Ramadan is only from  Fajr till  Maghreb.

Ramadan: another opportunity for us to stop living our life by default and start living our life by design.

Fasting is not just about starving yourself for hours. It's a time for reflection, restraint and being God-conscious. #Ramadan

Don't count the days of Ramadan, make the days of Ramadan count.

When your feel the pangs of hunger and thirst while fasting then remember those who suffer everyday without food or drink. #Ramadan

Ramadan Greetings everyone, forwarding you all the Prayers for a Blessed Month filled with Hope, Health and Faith.

"Whoever Prayed at Night in the month of ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward, then all his previous sins will be forgiven"

#Ramadan is "the gift" that returns each year, calling for muslims to exercise self-control, eat less, pray more & generous to the poor.

Wishing you 1 month of Ramadan, 30 days of forgiveness, 720 hours of guidance, 43200 minutes of purification, 2592000 secs of Nur.

Oh #Allah! I pray that whoever reads this post in #Ramadan shall have your joy, peace, love & guidance...ameen

ramadan = listen, give, pray, answer, share, enjoy, trust, forgive, love.

Ramadan just brings pure joy to me some how. One of my favorite months!

I pray this month of Ramadan, Allah forgives all my sins and accepts my prayers keeping my family safe, in the right path, and always happy.

Ramadan is amazing. Actually eating with your family at the table is the best.

Muslims should look alive and have more energy during this month and not look sluggish as if fasting is a punishment #ramadan
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