Don't Do Overeating In Ramadan Iftar

Alhamdulillah its already 6th Ramadan and Muslims around the world are fasting and praying with full zeal. In Ramadan Ul Mubarak we Muslims fast from the time of Sunrise to the time of Sunset from Eating and Drinking but it is often noticed that lot of people eats too much at the time of Iftar while opening their fast.

Usually lot of foods are made for Iftar and people who are hungry whole do eats too much in the Iftar. They even gets late for Maghreb Prayer while eating. This can be really harmful for our health and can make us fat. This overeating can also cause emotional distress, effect on body Oil levels, bad Stomach.

According to a report more people gets ill In Ramadan as compare to other months and reason for this is Overeating. So we should try to not do overeating in Iftar. After eating a little bit we should offer Maghreb prayer and if still feeling hungry eat something later on.  Also avoid heavy foods in the Iftar. 
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