Muslims Treated Unequally In West: Amnesty International

We Often see propaganda in American and Western Media against Muslims countries that minorities are not treated rightly in Muslim populated country but earlier this week Amnesty International organization has released a report which exposes how discrimination with Muslims is done America and West.

According to Amnesty International Muslims are treated unequally in Western Countries. The reports says that Muslims faced problems in getting Jobs and Education in Western countries. in this report issue of banning wearing of Veil for Muslim women is also raised.

According to Amnesty the Muslim Girls are not given Jobs and stopped from attending Classed just because they wear Hijab. On other hand those Muslim Men who keeps beards also faces such problems. the issue of banning minarets for mosques in Switzerland is also raised by Amnesty International.

In the end i would like to say that the Western world which always remains busy in doing propaganda against Muslims should look themselves as well that how they are treating minorities? 
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