Do not spread un-verified Hadiths or Verses Among Other Muslims

Muhammad s.a.w.w said “he who tells a lie on me intentionally, let him take his seat in hell fire.
sahih bukhari, vol 1, no. 107. It is a common practice now a days that in the name of spreading islam, people forward text messages and emails and scraps and posts which contain un-verified text.

most of the time, this text contains false hadith and false statements. These statements are either called hadith or verses of holy quran. Just imagine if this lie is forwarded and people spread it, how much sin will it be to misguide ummah!

According to a hadith, it is a grave sin to spread biddat and all that is not a part of religion. One who does this will not only incur sin but he will also held responsible for the sins of all those who spread his lies. Hence if you think you are innocent because you did not know, then you are very wrong.

It is every muslim’s duty to not only verfify the text which is about islam but also to check for its authenticity. Verification is not the only thing related to Islamic stuff. For example there are many hadith in some hadith books which are either weak or fabricated. Even the hadith collectors were strict about their collection and they themselves mentioned about the narrators of those traditions. So, to know if you are going to forward an authentic hadith, search about it, ask the learnt people to help you.

Similarly, when it comes to quranic verses, people forward any text without verifying it. There are many translations available among which some are done by non muslims who are islam bashers and do not accept islam as true religion or they are hadith rejecters.

Translation of pervizi, translation of quran by qadiyanis and similar group is misleading. Though these people could never change the original Arabic text but they are so astray souls that they have changed the translation to suit their agenda. Now any translation coming from these and like groups will be misleading. So it is your duty being a muslim to verify what you have received before you forward it, else you will be included in the chain of sinners.

ALLAH swt says in holy Quran: 4:13

Those are limits set by Allah: those who obey Allah and His Messenger will be admitted to Gardens with rivers flowing beneath, to abide therein (for ever) and that will be the Supreme achievement.

Remember, on the day of judgment no excuse will be accepted, so prepare for your hereafter now and at the very moment, as there is no tomorrow and there is no past, only the running moment is the life.
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