Do not appreciate sectarian talk

There are sects and sects within sects, this vicious circle is so complex that one cannot understand the point on which people differ. Sectarianism is a curse which divided previous nations and which drove them away from their religion.

This curse or disease has afflicted muslim ummah as well. But we are blessed because our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w has given us a glad tiding that one group among muslims will hold the rope of ALLAH and will never be the astray one, He .a.w.w called this group ahlus-sunnah wal jamah.

Today, almost every sect of muslims think that it is the aforementioned jamat and every sect tries its level best to prove this, thus this practice has invented sectarian talk as a point of discussion. Turn on any tv channel and you will find scholars sitting in a row who belong to different sects and they explain even the simple verse of quran according to their ideology.

Sectarianism is discouraged in islam, in fact it is forbidden. ALLAh swt has said in several places in quran to refer to ALLAh and his messenger s.a.w.w on disputes. Which means that instead of giving personal opinions, see what ALLAH swt and his messenger s.a.w.w has described.

Al-Quran 10:019
“To begin with, people had only one religion. Later on, they differed. Their disputes would have been settled, but the word has already gone out from your Lord (that this world is a test, the next is for punishment and reward).”

This verse is very clear about religion. People differed because they relied more on their understanding than on ALLAH’s word. All sects refer to quran as ultimate and perfect source of guidance, but then they also do not like to hurt their egos but accepting something good from someone else. Sectarian talk should be discouraged because;

All the sects are created because of human understanding of matters, they do not relate to religion.
Sectarian talk makes is easy for the enemies of islam to implant hatred among muslims thus it has become easy for islam enemies to beat muslims without trying their own swords.

Sectarian talk and beliefs has lifted mutual love and respect among muslims. People hate each other because they simply do not accept any other sect which contradicts their ideology. It should be avoided because it makes religious matters very complex. Islam is not complex because ALLAh swt has declared in Quran that it is the easy word to be understood. Thus sectarian talk is contradicting to quran.

Sectarian talk does not only make religion complex for muslims but it also is one of the main reason of disrespect of scholars. Scholars were once respected but no they are thought as backward people.
These points are root cause of hatred, racism and sectarianism in our society.
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