Arranged Vs Love Marriage

Marriage is the most encouraged sunnah because it saves youth from so many sins and evil desires. Marriage validates a male and a female to live together legally, marriage is a legal ticket for the survival of humanity on earth. Whether love or arrange, marriage is encouraged.

Nobody dislikes marriage but then society is divided over arranged and love marriage. Some say arrange marriage is successful while some say love marriage is better. Both groups present valid and convincing points to prove their stance but nobody has ever provided a conclusive point yet.

Arranged marriage is arranged by parents or other family members. In these marriages, boy and girl are most of time not asked about their opinion but they are convinced by giving them one hundred thousand justifications of the choice. In Pakistani society, we see this as a common practice.

Parents and elders join their heads together and find a suitor for their girl or boy. The concerned bodies are seldom asked for their opinion in this regard. Mostly if boy or girl do not like their parents choice, they are emotionally black mailed or they are simply forced to accept what is decided for them already. This happens with girls more often than boys.

Elders favor arranged marriage by saying that they know world more than their kids, and they know their kids more than their own selves, so they should rely on their parents, trust us and believe that whatever we will find for them will be the best choice.

The proponents of love marriage on the other hand reject the other group by saying that marriage is a matter of life time it should be decided by those who have to spend their lives rather than by those who have already spent it.

Contrary to both views, islam says that it both males and females have every right to be asked before their marriage for their opinion. If they do not like the one liked by their parents, their opinion should be respected. Islam also tells the youth that they should look for someone who is best in din, not best in worldly affairs.

So, whether marriage is arranged or love, youth should respect their elders and listen to their opinion because they have seen more world than them, and elders should understand that they cannot enfore their opinion and likes on their kids because islam does not permit them to do so.
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