Earn Wealth But By Halal Means

Today in 21st Century we are living in a very fast world where Society is very much materialistic. In Last decade we have also seen massive increase in inflation. Even the prices of Basic needs of life are increased very much in last decade.

Media controls minds of people and shows many useless things to be very important so people goes crazy to buy these things by even spending massive amount of money. Due to these factors the Importance of wealth has increased more than ever in life of human. Everybody is running after money no matter from which way it comes these days?

Earning money is not bad but as a Muslim its Important for us to use Halal ways to earn money and avoid the Haram.  Its another truth that saving yourself from Haram in today's World is very difficult but its not impossible. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammd SAW and His Companions are perfect example for us in this matter. Rasool Allah SAW has said that seeking Halal Earning is a duty. Another Hadith says "For every person who earns anything halaal which he eats himself or whereby he clothes himself or anyone of Allah’s creation, that shall be written as a deed of charity."

All Prophets earned money by Halal Means. Rasool Allah SAW done business of Trade and he was famous for his honesty.  Prophet Zakariyya A.S was a carpenter.

We should keep ourselves away from Haram for earning the money like Interest, Fraud, Selling something by lying. We Should Remember if we will use Halal Means of Earning it will bring Barakah in our Wealth and even less Income will become enough for us. We should also remember that this world is not forever and the wealth of this world will not go with us. However our good deeds including using Halal means of earning will benefit us even in hereafter. May Allah SWT help us all to use Halal Means of Earning and avoid the Haram.
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