Control Your Tongue To Protect Yourself From Sins

A Human uses different parts of his body for doing different types of sins. For Example a human uses his eyes to see Haram things,  he uses his hands for doing different haram works, a human uses his legs to go towards a sin. One of the major part of human body which he uses for doing sins is his tongue.

Just think From this tongue how many times we uses bad words everyday which keeps on increasing our sins. We use this tongue to abuse others, to speak against others, to speak lie, to show anger on others and to spread hatred between people.

Now think if we start controlling our tongue from speaking all these bad things we will be able to save ourselves from how many sins??  A Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW says a person who guarantees me to guard his tongue i guarantee him about paradise.  Another Hadith says remaining silent is better than speaking bad.

We should also remember that a person is known from how he speaks??? a person who speaks good from his language will also be liked and respected by others. on other hand a person who lies, abuses and speaks bad from his tongue is not liked by anyone. There is a famous quotation "first think then speak".

The Summary of this article is that if we will control  our tongue from speaking bad we will not only get success and respect by the society in this world but we will also get success in hereafter. May Allah SWT help us all to use our tongues for right purposes.
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