See Virtue While Searching For Husband/Wife

When People wants to get married specially men what they look for in a girl??? Most of the people sees money, beauty, status etc. How many people sees for the virtue while finding the life partner?? there would very few people who looks for virtue while most of the people goes after money and beauty.

Our religion Islam which is a complete code of life even teaches us about choosing a right life partner. Islam makes it clear that Virtue is the factor which should be seen while looking for a wife or husband.  There is no problem in money or beauty but that person should also have Virtue.

See for a life partner that fears Allah, have good character, follows Islam in his/her life.  There is also a hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW about it which says if you have to choose your life partner choose the one who has Virtue.

If you will go after money, beauty or status and not the Virtue then it can create problems in your married life. if you marry a person who has the virtue he/she will treat you in a good manner and will make your life happier however beauty or money does not guarantee that. So be careful before taking big decision of choosing your husband or wife. May Allah SWT help us all to choose the right life partners for ourselves.
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