New Islamic Year 1433 Hijri Is Here

So another Islamic Year is over today with end of last Islamic month Dhul Hijjah of 1432 Hijri. New Islamic Year 1433 Hijri is here. New Islamic Month Muḥarram has started. We Would like to say a very happy new Islamic year 1433 Hijrah to all our brothers and sisters around the world.

Our Blog was started on started on start of 1431 Hijri almost two years ago from now. and today with arrival of 1433 Hijri  it has turned two years old. With the start of new Islamic year i would request all Muslim brothers and sister to pray for Muslim Ummah which is having crises all around the world. May Allah SWT make 1433 Hijri  a year of change for Muslim Ummah. Ameen
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