Belief In Oneness of God Allah

The most basic and important teaching of Prophet Muhammad SAW is belief in the oneness of God. this is expressed in the primary statement of Islam First Kalma: "There is no other god but God." this beautiful phrase is the bedrock of Islam. It is its foundation and is the essential prerequisite for being a Muslim.  It is this expression which differentiates a true Muslim from a unbeliever, one who associates others with God in his authority or an Atheist.

The Acceptance or denial of this important phrase produces a world of difference between men. those who do not believe in it form the opposite group. for the believers there is a progress which cannot be restricted. there is a success whose heights cannot be measured. there is unlimited fulfillment both in this life and in the hereafter, while failure and humiliation are the results met by those who refuse to believe in it.

But the difference which occurs between believers and unbelievers is not the result of mere chanting of few words. its real force lies in the conscious acceptance of this doctrine and the demands it makes upon us. its real power lies in following it completely in everyday life. May Allah SWT make us all true believers Ameen.
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