Islam the Fastest Growing Religion of the World

Islam is the Fastest Growing religion of the world. Islam is spreading very fast in whole world. in America and Europe islam is growing at a fast speed. and you will be surprised to know that After 9/11 its spreading even more. Even when Islam is under target muslims are called terrorists, Muslims have no media. Massive propaganda is done against islam online the verses of Quran Kareem are coated out of context to change their meanings still Islam is spreading very Fast.

Muslims have only 2,3 Islamic Dawah tv channels like Peace tv with a small budget but there are thousands of Christian tv channels trying to spread Christianity with massive budgets but still Christianity has very low increase rate.

The People who are accepting islam majority of them are women. Western women in thousands are converting to islam that is also a reply to those who says islam not gives rights to women. if 100 people accepts islam out of them around 66 are women.

This is indeed another proof of truth of islam and reply to those who says islam not gives rights to women and tries to as declare muslims terrorists. Alhamdulilah
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