First Ever Islamic Search Engine Launched

First ever Islamic Search Engine on the Internet is launched by name of Imhalal.com. now muslims can use it for safe Search avoiding haram sites. The name of its maker is Reza Sardeha who is a young boy of 20 years. This Search engine contains some special types of Filters which will help you to avoid Haram things like pornography and fun of islam etc. its maker said i got this idea of making an islamic search engine when i was getting alot of explicit content in searches. So you can use Imhalal.com instead of Google or yahoo for avoding unislamic search results.

Update: at the end of 2011 this search engine was closed down by the owner due to lack of funding as he was not able to raise enough funds to continue to run it. Its a sad news for all the fans of this great Islamic engine.
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