The Pics of Syrian Toddler's body at Turkish Coast Shocks Muslim World

Yesterday people from all over the world specially Muslims were shocked to see social media pics of a Syrian toddler's body on Turkish Coast who died along with 9 other refugees while going to Greece from Syria in a boat and the boat was capsized and all the bodies came to Turkish coast.

These pics have shocked the people from all over the world. people of different countries have started pressurizing their rulers to allow Syrian refugees to came to their land after this Incident. British Prime minister David Cameron is also facing huge criticism from his public for not allowing the refugees.

on the other hand rich Muslim Arab Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE are also under massive criticism from Muslim world for not allowing any Refugees at all. at same time role of Turkey is appreciated by everyone which has allowed over a million Syria to come to their land.

here are some sketches which are viral on social media:

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