Islamic Peace Mobile 2 Price and Specifications

IRF head Dr Zakir Naik has Introduced Peace Mobile 2 that is second version of the original Peace Mobile which was Introduced one year ago. Now Its updated version with better Camera, OS, display and content has came into Market at a very affordable price.

We all know Dr Zakir Naik is one of the best Muslim scholar of our era and whatever he do he always keeps quality In Mind. His Peace TV Network Islamic TV Channels are known to be the best Islamic channels on earth. Same is the case with the Phone which has Introduced. It is without any doubt the best Islamic Phone every launched anywhere in the world.

Now Lets see Features, Specifications, Price and other details:

Specs and Features:

8 Megapixels Camera

1.3 Ghz Quad Core Processor

4 GB Internal Memory

32 GB External Memory

Supports Two Sims

5 Inches touch screen

Android 4.2 OS

Battery 1700 mah

Islamic Stuff:

Islamic stuff is the main factor which makes this Phone really Unique. In Peace Mobile 2 you will find lots of Islamic Apps, wallpapers, Nasheeds, Videos, Lectures, Islamic TV Channels, books and much more. It will make it very easy for you to reach the Islamic stuff which you need to watch or read.


Its price is $240 In USA, Pakistan and other countries. In India It is available for 16000 Indian rupees.
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