Indian Singer Yuvan Shankar Conversion To Islam

all the rumors which we hear about the celebrities conversion to Islam are not fake because lots of celebrities are Indeed converting to Islam. the latest example is Indian singer and writer Yuvan Shankar Raja who has accepted Islam recently.

34 Year old Yuvan is considered the youngest composer In India. he has accepted Islam after getting Impressed by the teachings of Islam. He belongs to a  staunch Hindu family but he was never satisfied with the concept of God In Hinduism. He started the research about religion after death of his mother in 2011.

Yuvan says as I started reading Holy Quran I understood the reality of this world and true concept of God after which I decided to accept Islam. His father opposed his decision of conversion however his bother supported him.

He also told that Once he was very worried and his Muslim friend gave him prayer mat to pray. He prayed on the mat and felt lots of peace. then he cried a lot and ask Allah for forgiveness of his sins.
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