Two Islamic Business Ideas Related To Ramadan and Eid

As we all know that Islam allows us to do Business by Halal means and our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW himself done business of trading. we can do business of anything that not comes in the list of Haram. on other hand if we will do a business that is related to Islam then we will not only earn profit but also Ajar from Allah SWT.

today i am going to share two Islamic Business ideas that some people already tried in the past and earned good profit from them. both the ideas are related to Online business which means you will have to use Internet to do them.

1st Islamic business idea: the first business idea that i would like to present is selling Khajoor Ajwa online in the month of Ramadan. Khajoor Ajwa are special dates of Saudi Arabia that are more expensive than other dates. In month of Ramadan the use of dates becomes very common so you can sale Khajoor Ajwa Online by proper marketing through a website and Facebook. some people already done this in the past successfully and made good profit from it.

2nd Business Idea: the second business idea that i wanted to share is Selling the Eid Animals for sacrifice before Eid Ul Adha Online. this business idea is also tried by some people in the past and proved to be very successful. You can sell Eid Qurbani animals online and also provide service of delivery with it. we all know how much sale of Cows, Goats increases before Eid Ul Adha. you can benefit from it and can make handsome amount of money.

These were two Islamic business ideas that i was looking to share with the readers related to Eid and Ramadan.
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