Crescent Islamic International School In Sri Lanka

Being Muslim, when it comes to the education of our children, what do we prefer? Do we prefer an Islamic school over western oriented ones? The decision that we as parents make for our children is a major one.

 One that would change their lives and attitudes forever! In our later years this decision should not make us wonder if a different school might have produced a different kid. The ever-increasing challenge created by globalization and advances in science and technology highlights the need for positive and dynamic schools for our children.

A school that would not only create a leader with discipline, but a school that would preserve the Islamic identity of the child. Crescent Schools International was established with a view to cater to the traditional curriculum, while preserving the Islamic identity and values of Muslim children. A pioneer Islamic International School in Sri Lanka, Crescent has always ensured the adherence to the Islamic Shariah. The school curriculum is focused on the complete and holistic development of students.

Sports, extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school curriculum. No compromise in terms of Shariah is made in any of these activities.

Students are taught moral values and various skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and self-discipline. The school provides an environment in which the students can learn, understand and practice their ‘way of life’ Islam, as they strive for excellence in subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, History and others.

It molds the students' personality according to righteous Islamic tenets and inculcates in them the values and concepts of caring, sharing and being just. Crescent will ensure a creative, active and memorable experience for students. So when you make your choice make one with no compromises in terms of religion! Insha Allah may Allah guide us to make the best decision in life. Aameen
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