Take Online Fatwas On Islamic Issues

In our daily lives different issues keeps on coming about which we want to know Islamic point of view. There are also many Issues about which we want to know if they are Halal or Haram In light of Islam? for such things we take Fatwas from the the Muftis.

Some issues on mostly Fatwas are taken are Divorce, Jobs etc.

In the past days people used to take Fatwas by going to Mosques and meet Muftis on various issues. now a days Technology has made everything easy so taking Fatwas has also become easy now. You can take Fatwa on any issue online using Internet.

there are many Islamic sites on which you can take Authentic Fatwas in light of Quran and Sunnah from Muftis. the most popular sites for Online Fatwas is http://islamqa.info.

On Islamqa there are thousands of Fatwas available on different issues which you can read. If you want to ask them about anything use the button ask a question on their site.
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