Muslims Must Use Social Media For Dawah: Dr Zakir Naik

Famous Muslim Scholar Dr Zakir Naik who is head of IRF and running most watched Islamic Dawah TV Channel Peace TV has said that Social media is a very effective tool so Muslims should use this Media for the Dawah of Islam to non-Muslims.

I totally agree with this statement of Dr Zakir Naik. Social Media has grown so much and now it has billions of users. we can really use it to give message of Islam to Non-Muslims. but the sad truth is that Most of Muslims are not doing it. So many Muslims got non-Muslims friends on Facebook and other social sites but they never tell them about Islam. instead they keeps on wasting time in useless posts and chat.

Another sad thing is that most of Big Islamic Pages on Facebook just keeps on sharing Pics of Kaaba, Masjid Al Nabawi, So called miracles or Muslim babies so that they can get more likes, shares and fans. they never do real Dawah of Islam.

We should use Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus in proper way to give Message of Islam to non-believers because its responsibility of each and every Muslim. we will be answerable about it on the day of Judgement. Allah SWT has clearly said in Surah Al-Asr that those men are in loss who don't call others towards Haq.
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