We Muslims Needs To Grow Up On Some Issues

We Muslim Ummah is going through a difficult period of time and one reason for that is not gaining the modern knowledge. all the major issues of Muslim Ummah were discussed in one of my previous post. We Muslims really needs to grow up on some issues and open up our minds if we want to do progress and face the challenges.

For example On Facebook i seen many Muslims objecting the use of word Mosque instead of Masjid. Similarly on another Islamic page on Facebook i seen Muslims objecting the use of word Jesus For Esa A.S. while Mosque and Jesus both are English translations of Masjid and Esa and makes no difference to meaning.

We Muslims gives more importance to the non-issues and not care about the real issues. Every Muslim has the responsibility of doing Dawah of Islam to the non-muslims but how many of us are fulfilling this responsibility? but we have problem if someone writes Mosque instead of Masjid or Jesus instead of Esa.

This is why i say Muslims really needs to grow up otherwise our sufferings will continue.
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