What Is Islam?

Lots of people thinks that Islam is a new religion that came 1450 years ago and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is its founder which is a misconception. Islam is not a new religion and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is not its founder but its last Prophet.

Every Prophet From Adam, Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim to Muhammad PBUH where Muslims and they believed in one God and stopped from worshipping of wrong Gods. Today there are more than 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world and Islam is the fastest growing religion on planet.

Mainstream Media and other tools do lot of Propaganda against Islam due to which lot of people wants to know what Islam Actually is? and what are beliefs of Muslims? This is why i decided to write a post on the introduction of Islam. so here we go.

According To Islam there is only One God who is creator of everything and he also created Humanbeings and this world. In Islam you only have to worship God not any Idol or grave.

In Islam you also have to believe in all the Prophets including Jesus, Moses Ibrahim and Muhammad PBUH. Prophets where sent by God in different times to show humans the correct path.  Believing In Angels is also part of Islam.

According To Islam Allah also sent different Books through Prophet for the humans in differnet times like Zaboor, Injeel, Taurat and Quran. In Islam there is also concept of Judgement day. According to Islam on Day of Judgement all humans will be risen from death and they will get Paradise and Hell according to their Good and bad deeds.

Main worships of Islam are Prayer Salah, Zakat, Hajj, Fasting. According to Islamic beliefs every good deed like helping others, speaking truth is a virute whose reward human will get in hereafter. Every bad deed like lying, fraud, cheating is a sin.

Jihad is Islamic concept which is misunderstood by lot of people. Jihad means to struggle for any Good purpose. Jihad does not means killing the non muslims. it also not means Holy war.

Muslim Women wears Hijab to Guard their modesty. Islam tells that a man should keep his gaze low when he is outside and a women to cover her body with modesty. This Is Hijab.

It was a brief Introduction of Islam. i hope it will help you all to understand Islam better.
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