Kids and Safe Use of Internet

Internet is one of the most popular invention of recent decades and it has got great popularity around the world. Internet Users are increasing everyday very rapidly and slowly it is reaching in every house  of the globe. Millions of Muslims Around the Globe also uses Internet for different purposes. Internet has good and bad two sides. it depends on the person how he uses it.

It can be used for good purposes like Research, Learning about Islam, Online Shopping and many other good uses. Internet has also many wrong uses like watching uncharacteristic things. Large Number of people who uses Internet are youngsters and many Young Muslims also uses it.

The sad thing is that that Many People Including Muslims makes wrong uses of Internet and watches  Immoral things on it. Most of the People who watches bad things like Pornography are Youngsters. According to latest report of Famous Search Engine Google Many Muslim Countries are also included in the list where these sites are viewed the most. These Sites are taking our youngsters on wrong paths away from Islamic way.

If you are a Parent and your Child also uses Internet you should keep a check that what your Kid is watching online. Also try to keep Computer on such place where your Child can't use Internet alone. You can also block these wrong websites. Muslim Countries Governments also need to take strong Step on this issue and should block all such websites.

Kids can also face other problems like bullying and harassing Online. so it Is very Important to keep an eye on what they are doing online on regular basis.
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