4 Islamic Tips For Weight Loss

Our beautiful religion Islam has provided us all types of Guidelines for living a good life. its guides us about all the matters of no matter its business, laws, social Issues or rights of different people. It guides us about everything. In this post I will be sharing some tips for weight Loss in the light of Islam. These tips will surely help you to reduce your weight and live a healthy life. So here are these tips:

1 Fasting: Fasting Is an Important part of Islam. Fasting in month of Ramadan is necessary for Muslims and they can also fast on other days of the year except on Eid when fasting ifs forbidden. Fasting can be a great way for losing your weight. In last Ramadan I reduced my weight massively. Fasting has many other health benefits as well.

2 Not doing Overeating: Eating too much all the time by not keeping some hunger is a big cause of of being overweight. Islam teaches us not to overeat. there are many Hadiths of beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be upon him regarding this Issue. One of the Hadith says:
Let people fill one third of their stomach with food, one third with drink and one third with nothing.
So it can be a great way to lose weight and keeping yourself healthy and smart.

3 Offering Salah Regularly: Offering Salah five times a day is fardh for Muslims. Salah is the most Important worship In Islam. It can also be a way of reducing weight because while offering Salah your body is moving and you are doing exercise.

4 Taking part in extra curricular activities: another great way of reducing weight is taking part in extra curricular activities. Taking part in such activities is also Sunnah. for example in one Hadith Prophet SAW has advised people to teach swimming to their kids. 
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