Groups Like ISIS and Al Qaeda are Enemies of Islam and Muslims

Terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda claims to fight for Islam against enemies of Muslims but the fact is that these groups are actually the enemies of Muslims. if you see the past these groups have killed much much more Muslims than non muslims and caused foreign Invasions into Muslim countries. In fact at one point of time they were even funded by the Western powers.

the acts which Al Qaeda and ISIS are committing are not Jihad at all and its totally against the teachings of Islam. their acts are In Fact Fasad not Jihad. According to Islamic teachings you cannot harm Innocent men, women, kids who are not fighting against you no matter they are Muslims or Non Muslims.

Islam is getting maligned everyday in the International media do to crimes of such groups. Its getting harder to do Dawah activities in Western countries.

Muslims should not get confused about these groups. they are our enemies and they are hurting the Image of Islam. we should reject them on platform that is available.
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