How Human Can Deny God When there are countless signs

Non believers often say that there is no God and there will be end once we die and we will not be resurrected on the day of Judgement and questioned for our good and bad deeds in this life. this claim of Non believers surprises me a lot that when there are uncountable signs of almighty God then how they can deny him? when you deny God you are actually denying yourself.

Put all other signs aside and see yourself? how you are born? from a drop of sperm? so who makes a dirty drop of sperm into a human being?  how you are created in pairs of male and female and there is affection between you? It happened by itself?

Just see  the Universe. Sky, earth, moon, sun and stars. how all these things came into existence by Itself and then started running in a organized way. see the sky do you find any flaw in it?

Night and day are another sign of him. at night we sleep and end our tiredness and at day we are ready to work again. who organized this system for us?

See the thousands of types of fruits and vegetables which grow from a small Seed. so who made It possible?

there are so many signs of Allah SWT that we cannot count them if we want to. Indeed Allah SWT exists and signs are in front of us and after death we will return towards him.
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