Big Events Which Taken Place on Ashura Day 10th Muharram

Muharram is first month in the Islamic calendar and this month great significance because many big events taken place in it. specially on 10th Muharram which is called Ashura day has special Importance. this day is Important for not only Muslims but also Jews.

lets see some of the big events in history which taken place on Ashura Day 10th Muharram:

repentance of Hazrat Adam a.s was accepted was accepted on this day after he was exile from Jannah.

 Ark of Hazrat Nooh was saved on this day.

Hazrat Ibrahim A.s was saved from fire on this day in which Nimrod thrown him.

Hazrat Musa A.s talked with Allah SWT on this day.

Hazrat Ayyub A.s got his health back on this day.

Hazrat Yousaf A.s reunited with his father Hazrat Yaqoob A.s on same day.

Hazrat Younis A.s came out alive from belly of fish on this day.

Pharoah’s army was destroyed on this day.

Hazrat Dawood A.s was forgiven on this day.

Hazrat Esa A.S was raised alive on this day.

Hazrat Hussain R.a was martyred on this day.
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