Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Halal?

Mostly the beer which is sold around the world is intoxicating and contains lots of alcohol due to which its completely Haram to drink it In Islam. but few years ago another type of beer got popular which is known as Non-Alcoholic Beer or Halal Beer. this type of beer got popular in Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia.

Drinking this type of beer is halal because it is not  intoxicating. Usually this beer type of beer is free of alcohol. some of these types of beers contains a very small percentage of alcohol closer to 0% and they do not cause  intoxication. according to scholar it is also halal because it do not cause intoxication.

Here is the view of Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid on this:

May Allah SWT guide us all to consume Halal things and leave the Haram things.
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