Allah SWT Is Merciful

ALLAH swt is so merciful. We do not see how He helps us in so many ways. we often complaint about life and how it is unfair to us. we, in fact, have so much to be sad about that we miss the main point. But there is so much to be thankful for.

The biggest blessing of ALLAH swt is the oxygen we are breathing. imagine, if all of a sudden, you don't get any more air to breath oxygen from!!! even the thought of it made it difficult for me to breath.

ALLAH swt has appointed for us two angels for our safety. wait, there is more to it. we are protected by angels , two at a time, their duties change at time of Asar every day. and they save us from those things we can't even imagine.
ever came across a situation where you were about to meet a horrible accident but you were saved?

ALLAH swt has created us and He has all the power over us, STILL He has permitted us to ask and He listens to us and gives us what we desire. AND the best thing is, He likes hearing from us.

ALLAH swt gives us so many things daily that we cannot even count them or imagine them being there for us . for example; the daily meals, the tea, the milk, that coffee... we don't even think of them but still we are provided with them on time. just imagine, tomorrow morning when you wake up and you find nothing to eat and no money to buy your breakfast.

ALLAH swt loves us so much that even if we are hurt from a needle, He removes a sin from our account. and He loves us so much that even if we think of doing a good thing, He writes it as a good deed done in our accounts. who does that except for the one who really loves you?

ALLAH swt is so merciful that He saves us from those bad people and bad situations before they happen. how? have you ever wished for something which you did not get but some one else got it and was hurt from it?? thats how.

and then, here we are, sad and down for those few things we think we don't have, or can't get. we feel sorry that somethings for which we constantly pray for, we don't get them on time or we don't get them at all. praying is not bad, ALLAH swt likes it when we talk to Him, but disappointment is bad. forgetting the countless mercies and blessings of ALLAH is bad. feeling alone and stranded is bad. our faith does not allow us to think like that. we belong to the most optimistic religion.
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