Yasir Qadhi Prays For The People Of Palestine

By Yasir Qadhi:

The videos circulating around the net about the massacres and genocide that the Israeli army and air force is committing against occupied Gaza are too painful for me to watch. I must confess that my heart cannot bear to see the fathers and mothers crying over the corpses of their children, or the rubbled and demolished structures from which bodies are being pulled out, or the gory and wounded victims at overcrowded and under equipped clinics.

At times like this, the weak heart asks, "For how long, O Allah?!" And the knowledgeable heart can only answer with what Allah has told us in the Quran, "Did you think that you would enter Jannah, while the trials of those before you have not reached you? They were afflicted with suffering and hardship, and were shaken to the core, so much so that even the prophet and those who believed with him cried out, 'Where is the help of Allah?!' Verily, realize that the help of Allah is ever-close." [2"214].

O Allah! We do not understand Your wisdom in this prolonged suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, but we trust You and believe in You and know that Your promise is true. And so we say only that which pleases You, even as our hearts are weary with grief.

O Allah! You are the Lord of the weak and oppressed. You might delay the execution of justice, but You never cancel and avert it. And when You take charge of the tyrants and oppressors, then surely You deal with them in the manner of an all-powerful, mighty, unconquerable God - for you are al-Aziz, al-Qawiy, al-Jabbar. O Allah! We ask you with every name that You have, and with every attribute that is Yours, to send Your Anger and Retribution on those accursed tyrants whose arrogant hearts have been sealed from guidance and mercy - those who themselves were tortured and persecuted by others, yet instead of learning compassion, have now become torturers and persecutors themselves.

O Allah! You are the al-Rahman, the al-Raheem! Have mercy and compassion and pity on the people of Gaza, who have suffered for two generations under the tyranny of a Pharonic apartheid regime. Send upon our brothers and sisters Your peace and blessings, and fortify them with faith and perseverance, and accept their martyrs, and console their grieved ones.

O Allah! You do not place a burden on any soul more than it can bear. We ask for your forgiveness for our own inability to do more than dua and some meager donations. Do not call us to task for what we cannot do, and forgive us for what we could have done but did not do, for you are the al-Ghafoor, al-Ra'oof, al-Tawwab.

Ameen ya Rabb al-Alameen!
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