Ramadan 2014 Starting Date

Ramadan Is considered the holiest Islamic month among all 12 months and there are plenty of reasons for that. Its a month in which Allah SWT revealed Quran E Kareem on Rasool Allah S.A.W. In Ramadan Muslims around the world fasts from sunrise to sunset from eating, drinking and they also try hard to avoid all the sins. at night after the prayer of Isha they offer Taraweeh prayer through out the Ramadan.

Virtue of every good deed is increased multiple times. during this month the holy night of Lailat ul Qadr also comes in last 10 days a night about which Allah SWT has said in the quran that it is better than a 1000 months. at the end of Ramadan Muslims celebrates the the Islamic Festival of Eid Ul Fitr.

Most of people also prefers to pray their Zakat in this month. Maximum people tries to help the poor and needy people. So In short we can say that its a very very special month due to plenty of reasons. Ramadan 2014 is now less than 50 days away from us now as it is starting at end of June.

It is expected that Ramadan 2014 will start from 29th June 2014 on day of Sunday.  Eid Ul Fitr is expected on 29th July 2014.

Muslims through out the world are already preparing to welcome the special month.
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