Can We Blame Shaytan For Our Wrong Actions?

Concept of Devil Shaytan exists in all religions Including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Quran he is called as Iblis. Holy Quran tells us that Iblis was made by Fire. Allah SWT told all the angels Including Iblis to do Sujood to Adam but he refused to do so and from that day he was Included in the disbelievers. Hadiths tells us that there is a Shaitan with every human being who keeps Inviting him towards Sins. So Question that arises here is that can we blame Shaytan for our wrong actions?

The Answer to this question Is no because Shaytan only Invites us towards wrong acts but he has no control over us. we are free to do whatever we want. We can choose to do a good deed or a bad deed. however when we do lots of good deeds the Shaytan with us becomes weaker and we keeps on doing sins he becomes stronger.

So always try to stay away from the Haram deeds and start doing good deeds on regular basis. The Shaytan with you will become weaker when you will do this. Remember Shaytan is an enemy of Human beings who is trying hard to take every human being to hell with himself. 
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