Qada Prayer In Light of Sunnah

We often hear the word Qada (Qaza) Prayer which means offering a Salah which was missed on its actual time. For example if we missed today's Fajr Salah due to some reason then we can offer it later on that that day. it will be known as Qada Prayer.

Some people claims that we should also offer the Qada Prayers that were missed in past years of our lives. Well it is not proved from the Sunnah. There is no Qada of salaah (prayer) missed yesterday or past days, months, years. Only one type of qada is proved from sunnah like if you have missed Fajr, you can offer it as qada in the same day but there is no qadaa prayer of yesterday or past days.

If you have missed namaz/salaah/prayer for many months or years, don't worry, you just need to repent and you have to be regular in obligatory salaah from today and you can also offer nawafil as much as you can.

In-shaa-Allah, it will must be fruitful on the day of Judgement. Because Allah is the most merciful, He loves to forgive. we just need to ask for forgiveness from bottom of our hearts and promise that will will try to not to do it again.
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