Divorce Rate Increasing In Muslim Societies

We all know Divorce rate is how high in Western Society which has almost destroyed the family system there and a beauty which is still left with Muslim Societies is living in family system and powerful institution of marriage.

But the sad thing which is noticed in recent years is that divorce rate is now also growing quickly in the Muslim Societies. Divorce rate is going specially very high in the Muslims that are living in Western Countries. Divorce rate in Muslims living in Western countries is nearing 40%. In India, Pakistan and several other Muslim countries as well Divorces are going up.

Divorce is a disliked thing in Islam and it should only be done when there is no other way. Marriage is a pure relationship and breaking it on small issues is not a good thing.

Another question that arises here is that what are the reasons of this increase in divorce rate. According to my view following are some of the reasons:

Lack of Patience
Lack of gratitude
Western influence
Going away from Islam
Less time for each other in today's busy world.

The good news is that divorce is still lowest among the Muslims as compare to all other Communities of the world. May Allah SWT bless us all so that we live happy married lives. 
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