Zikr of Allah Is Real Food of Soul

Our Creator Allah SWT has given us a body and a soul. for fulfilling needs of our body Allah created different things like water, fruits, Vegetables etc. On other hand there is soul which exists in every human being but can't be seen.  for fulfilling needs of soul and its comfort Allah SWT kept his Zikr.

Allah SWT told us that if you will do my Zikr and will remember me i will give comfort to your soul which will give you strength. infect Zikr of Allah Is Food of Soul. This is why when we offer Prayer we feel so much peace in ourselves.

There are many benefits of doing Allah SWT's Zikr:

1 Your soul will feel fresh.
2 You will feel comfort.
3 Allah SWT will be happy with you.
4 You will get great prize of paradise.

There are many people who declares Music to be food of soul which is completely wrong.  Music never gives  comfort to our soul infect it takes us towards many wrong paths. So we should do maximum Zikr of Allah SWT and follow Sunnah of Prophet SAW if we really want internal peace.
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