Islamic Tips To Deal With Stress

Stress is a common problem in today's Materialistic and fast life where everyone is busy and running behind money and caring more about feeding the body instead of feeding the soul. despite having everything people are finding it hard to find real happiness and stay away from stress. In this article I will share some Islamic tips that will help you to get rid of stress and start feeling happy and calm.

1 Start Praying If you don't pray: Believe me the peace and satisfaction that you will find in offering Salah and doing Zikr is not present in any other thing. When you will start offering Salah regularly and do Zikr of Allah SWT it will take you away from stress.

2 Be grateful for what you have: start thanking Allah SWT for what you already have instead of worrying about what you don't have. start counting your blessings everyday. that will give you great joy. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has taught us to see towards that person who has less money than us instead of seeing towards those who are more richer. doing so will make us appreciate what we have.

3 Care more about hereafter instead of this world: Remember your real destination is hereafter and you are in this world temporarily for a test. this will bring a great change in you.

4 Stop comparing yourself with others: If you are comparing yourself with others you are taking yourself towards stress and you are also insulting yourself. you don't need to compare yourself with other people in anyway.

5 Keep less expectations from others: Often we keep high expectations from other people and when they don't fulfill them we get hurt. so you don't need to expect much from others.

6 Exercise and walk daily: this is a great tip to find stress keeping yourself active physically. doing exercise and walk helps us in many ways Including Improving our health, confidence and ending stress.

7 Read Holy Quran With Translation: start reading the Book of Allah SWT with translation and understanding. that will bring positive change in you.

8 Involve in welfare activities: Get yourself involved in activities of helping other people. that will greatly help you.
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